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Business Resilience During COVID-19: Resources

Business Resilience During COVID-19 Pandemic

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As we move towards a new level of business operations over coming months we can assist and support your business to SURVIVE AND THRIVE.

Business Resilience During COVID-19 Pandemic, the Development of robust business continuity planning during and post recovery of COVID-19.

Supporting business to align to the new Health and Safety Guidelines as per COVID-19.

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WorkSafe COVID-19 Update 8th April – What it means for workers and businesses

Professional Support and Guidance

Business continuity planning during recovery for COVID-19

Ways to assist your business to SURVIVE and THRIVE during (and after) the COVID-19 event.

Are you looking for ways to adapt your services to the current situation to help keep your business afloat?

We can support your business by developing robust business continuity plans (BCP) to deal with the anomalies pertaining to a pandemic event. In normal crisis events they are ‘people focused’ whereas the opposite occurs during pandemics/emerging infectious disease outbreaks.

By having robust Business Continuance Plans (BCP’s) they enhance Business Resilience During COVID-19 Pandemics within your business but also for your staff and the wider community in which you serve.

Dealing with short and longer term supply chain interruptions

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Health and Safety Guidelines

It is imperative during pandemics the utmost is done to protect employees and the wider community from harm.

We can assist your business to prepare for the different COVID-19 Health and Safety guidelines by performing an assessment of your working environment. We will then work with you to implement the recommendations in line with the New Zealand Government COVID-19 alert level guidelines.

Well-Being /Psychosocial

Well-Being/Psychosocial support

Everyone is affected in different ways by such events therefore often exposing a wide range of reactions and feelings both positive and negative.

Some workers may feel overwhelmed, confused or uncertain about what is happening and some may be torn around having to work in certain environments where there are increased risks.

Psychological First Aid online support/training for employer/employees provides a ‘safe platform’ to listen to people along with providing practical support and methods that are non-intrusive to help support workers through these uncertain times.

Training- CIMS 3rd Ed, EOC function training, psychological first aid training

Ongoing training available for supporting the operations of emergency operations centres for extended periods of time- CIMS 3rd Ed, individual EOC functions, psychological first aid training (can be done via online tools).