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Emergency Training

Emergency Training

Training is often the most overlooked component of emergency preparedness therefore to invest in training will enhance the incident management team during response minimising stress and optimising in how the response is managed.

CIMS (Coordinated Incident Management System 3rd Ed) is an invaluable incident management tool to equip and empower those in managing emergency response situations and/or events that disrupt business as usual within organisations.

CIMS is being used extensively across both governmental and non-governmental organisations.

We offer in house training modified and adapted to the requirements of your organisation, aligning to the natural hazards within your area.

  • Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS 3rd Edition) training (Level 2 NZQA 17279)
  • Emergency Operations Centre establishment and processes

EOC (emergency operations centre) training

  • Individual function training (example: operations, logistics, planning & intelligence, incident control etc)

Exercises and scenarios- Tabletop through to full scale exercise design, facilitation & evaluation. Debriefs- (hot & cold)

Exercises and scenarios provide the realistic opportunity to test organisational plans/policies which incorporate the human elements during an emergency response situation.

Exercises/scenarios gives people the opportunity along with empowering them to be able to respond and work collaboratively with reviewing what works and what doesn’t work within the organisation’s plans. They also provide the opportunity to enhance and provide the further development required post exercise/scenario.