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How Triage Management Systems Came About

The story behind establishing Triage Management Systems (TMS)

The history behind the establishment of Triage Management Systems was after continuing to experience ongoing disasters and events that caused disruptions to business and seeing the share frustrations and stress that caused on people and organisations. I saw a gap in the market for people/businesses particularly those working in the private sector not fully understanding the importance and urgency to enhance organisational resilience within their work place and being prepared for such disruptions. By being prepared and having robust business continuity plans that have actually been tested minimises the stress not only the impact on people and business but also helps to protect the business’s reputation hence protecting corporate failure.

When working in disadvantaged nations particularly post Thailand Tsunami I was astounded at the resilience of the Thai people and how they just coped with the devastating impact on their nation but it also highlighted the gaps in preparation for such events and how we can enhance resilience by being prepared and be smarter in ‘cross training’ people in different roles post events.


Naming the business “Triage Management Systems (TMS)”

I wanted to reflect the three critical elements of enhancing resilience those being the emergency preparedness, business continuity and health and safety whereby all three elements interlink and assist in mitigating risks. By building societal systems helps to build resilience therefore mitigating the impact of not only disasters but other major disruptions to business operations, i.e. IT disruptions, compromised access to buildings, interruption to supply chains, pandemics etc.

Most people when they hear Triage also think it relates to health but this is not the case.

Business Triage means like health to prioritize, and in business, relating to when there is a crisis situation– in how activities are prioritized is critical to turning the business around. It involves categorizing desired outcomes and goals and the processes that support them based on their relative importance to achieving a stated measurable goal or outcome.

I really want to promote the “business triage” as most of the focus should be around enhancing organisational resilience. Resilience needs to be a goal within organisations ‘expect the unexpected’.

Organisational resilience is a journey NOT a destination


My Point Of Difference

In relating to SME’s many are either working in business continuity and emergency preparedness but not inclusive of the health and safety, also many of these businesses have not had the ‘on the ground’ hands on experience which I feel gives me the ‘mandate’ to have the knowledge and understanding required.