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Business Risk Mitigation & What's With The Name 'Triage'?

Business Risk Mitigation what does that mean?

Quite often we get asked what does your name mean?

Think, Business Contingency Plan (BCP) and Business Risk Mitigation, a proactive strategy that describes the course of actions or steps the management and staff of an organisation need to take in response to an event that could happen in the future. It also outlines a plan for carrying out the normal business operations after the event has occurred.

Business Risk Mitigation contingency management planning is proactive before something happens to save time and save lives. The business continuity plan (BCP) pinpoints the most important parts of your business, identifies potential risks to these critical pieces and prepares you to recover within acceptable and tolerable periods of time. Contingency planning is a crucial part of continuity planning — it means having a backup if your original plan no longer works. It’s your plan B and C.

Business Risk Mitigation involves categorizing desired outcomes and goals and the processes that support them based on their relative importance to achieving a stated measurable goal or outcome.

Your BCP shouldn’t be limited to what to do after a natural disaster. It should be inclusive of risks or threats as well, that could disrupt your most important business activities for example: IT outages, pandemics that affect staffing issues etc.

Emergency plans cover in-the-moment procedures in a crisis, eg a natural disaster, whereas Business Continuity Plans cover how you’ll get core/critical parts of your business up and running again within acceptable time frames.

Planning greatly improves the likelihood that your business will survive — so it should be on your must-do list, but more importantly it protects reputational and financial damage to your organisation.

The word Triage as many people think it just relates to health but it also relates to “business triage” which means to prioritize and in business that is when there is a crisis situation. How activities are prioritized is critical to turning the business around.

We want to help you before the disaster event happens!