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Business Resilience Plan Template – What Is It?

Business Resilience Plan Template – What Is It?

Having a Business Resilience Plan Template, gives your business the ability to survive a crisis and thrive in a world of uncertainty. The inherent ability of an individual, community or organisations to continue to function despite a challenge (strength, flexibility, responsiveness and adaptability).

Becoming future ready is being equipped with a Business Resilience Plan Template. Being resilient is maintaining Situational Awareness – e.g. surging sales of vinegar was used as a disinfectant in Southern China 2002 (SARS).

A lot of what happened in Lyttleton prior to the EQ was the key to how they were so resilient after. Strong, active community groups, strong leaders within the community, a good level of knowledge about assets and resources within the community in terms of people, meant that they were able to quickly swing into action when they needed to.

South Bay Kaikoura Earthquake the same occurred.

Business Resilience Plan Template – How Does It Work?

Analyzing resilience through core elements: local knowledge, community networks and relationships, communication, health, governance/leadership, risk assessment, risk management and vulnerability, resources, economic investment, training & education, disaster preparedness and response and mental outlook.

All businesses go through natural business cycles. The one certainty is that at some time during its life every business is likely to face a disruptive crisis, whether this be natural, reputational, problems within the supply chain or an issue affecting its people. It happens more that we think.

Many of us think that crisis are rare events, but they are not. You simply NEED a Business Resilience Plan Template for the future.

Your organisation has a 40% chance of experiencing a crisis over the next 5yrs.

Therefore, shouldn’t you take the resilience of your business seriously?

We need businesses that can proactively identify and manage the risks that can be anticipated but also invest in capabilities to cope with events that cannot be anticipated and capable of sensing changes in their operating environment. Are agile and strategic in their response. These businesses will thrive in the rapidly changing environment of the future.

Just because you think your business is resilient today doesn’t mean it will remain resilient tomorrow!

A prolonged period of stress can erode your organisation’s resilience as staff become fatigued. Also, as events continue to occur people’s resilience is lessened.

What are some of the ingredients of Business Resilience?

• Leadership
• Situational awareness
• Staff engagement
• Decision-making
• Innovation & creativity

• Effective partnerships
• Internal resources
• Breaking silos
• Leveraging knowledge
• Unity of purpose

• Planning strategies
• Stress testing plans
• Networks and relationships
• Proactive posture

1. What is resilience?

2. What does resilience mean to you and your business?

3. Just because you think your business is resilient today doesn’t mean it will remain resilient tomorrow! Do you agree with this statement? Why?

A resilient functioning community is all about the people, the people, the people, he tangata.